Black Friday is the time of biggest sale for everyone in a year to buy different things at very exciting prices. Black Friday sale is the best time for shopping and level-up your style. There are thousands of deals offers a wide range of products to top-selling brands to electronics to accessories to outfits etc. You will find an incredible sale on every item of any brand at very tempting prices.

If you’re looking for marketing ideas that make your Black Friday stand out then you’re in the right place. You’ll find here an exclusive tactic;

1. Buy One Get One Free

The marketing idea that work bests for huge traffic are having a buy one get one free. Let the Black Friday deals as a surprise for your customers to keep them coming back to your store. When you promoting this idea make sure it, you create the product post on all social media platforms just like in Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook etc. Don’t forget to mention that for each product you’ll have a deal.

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2. Deal Of The Hour

Deal of the Hour is a great idea to gain the attention of your customer. Firstly, determine that you did the publicity of this deal on all the platform of social media. Keep in your view to offering the Black Friday deal on all the items except Deal of the Hour. For instance, if you’re offering a 40% off on everything then you should offer a 50% off on your Deal of the Hour.

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3. Get 50% Off

To run a sale like this, feature them on your display and other places around your website where they’re visible for everyone. You can also email or messages your customer list to aware them.  I suggest boosting the post on Facebook, Twitter, and others app to drive more traffic in your stores. Remember that add a UTM tag for tracking the performance of your sale.

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4. Offers A Gift

Offering a free gift as like as to motivate the customers to buy anything and create a curiosity around them about a free gift. To publishing the ad, post it on social media with a good caption to feature them. With each order, you can give away a free gift to every customer who buys on Black Friday.

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5. Extend Your Sale

By extending your sale, you’ll be able to get in more customers. You can even start earlier and extend it furthermore for an effective marketing. For an impressive marketing idea for White Friday which has much more common nowadays is extending your sale. You want to offer a great deal on your best selling products on Black Friday. Usually, on Saturday and Sunday, you’ll offer a theme promotion.

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6. Email Marketing

When we talk about Email Marketing, there are two types of customer. First, a (VIP) customer comes then the fresh buyers who recently bought some products from your store. When it comes to sending an email to customers lists then the deals you’ll have to send it before the day you’ll be giving the discount packages. If you promote some specific product make sure that the product is easily accessible for everyone so people can go directly to the cart and buy their items. Make sure that you mentioned steep of your discount is in an email subject to help them to get an access quickly.

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7. Install App

Now a day it’s a trend to download the specific app and get a 25% or 30% off to your next items. And in some apps, you’ll be 25% or 30 % off in the cart. There are several apps you should have installed for your stores that work best on Black Friday Deals.

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8. Offer VIP Discount

There are several brands, stores and online websites that offer a VIP exclusive discount during the White Friday weekend sale for their VIP customers. To make sure that is it available for only VIP customers not for all of them and it’s only for the VIP customers to treat them special and as a loyal customer but also to ensure that your business is still profitable after the Black Friday event.

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9. Spend 30% And Get A Free Voucher

An easy White Friday marketing idea is to create a free voucher that will be on sale while mentioning the spending amount on it. Some stores, online websites, and apps give a free voucher after spending distinguish amounts to the customers on the White Friday sale. An advertising this will help you to build an expectation of the promotions you’ll be having on White Friday to get people excited about the type of discounts you’ll offer.

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10. Promo Code

Promo code is the best tactic to seek the attention of the customers. To give them 50% promo code for a week or specifically some days of the week on Black Friday sale. Before giving the promo code you should convey this through the message or an email, therefore, they avail this offer and connect with you.

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