Junaid Jamshed

It was the shocking news for all of us of the crash of PK-661 crashed in Hevellian and 47 people died on spot.  The trauma level intensified after the confirmation, that the 52 years old Junaid Jamshed was also among the dead along with his wife.  Yes, the death of all on the plane was upsetting but a person who has left a massive impact on the common people, who has been chosen as the top 500 persuasive Muslims in 2014, then his references and honor become that much exalted.


He was the voice of his generation, the record of the remarkably popularized songs like Dil DilPakistan and Tum Mil Gaye. He also supervised the first Pakistani group for the trip to America. With the passage of time, Junaid Jamshed alienated himself from the musical world and moved towards pondering over the real purpose of life. His reading about practicing the religion directed him to the ultimate starring change from the astounding life to a real and purposeful life.

There are some of the inspirations that we need to take from the life of Junaid Jamshed.

1. Life before fame:

Junaid Jamshed was born in 1964. His father was in air force as a commissioned officer. He also wanted to join air force but couldn’t due to the eyesight problems. Junaid Jamshed got his early education from Saudi Arabia and graduated from the university of engineering and technology as a mechanical engineering. He started singing as the lead vocalist and got immense fame and praise by people.

2. Success:

Majority of us has the past that we don’t want to be in our future because of the living life according to our desire. Junaid Jamshed is one of those great people, who left all his fame and wealth. He moved towards the success and peace of his heart by preaching and sternly following the rules of Islam. Thatinspires us to follow our religion and rules of Islam for the eternal peace.

3. The good religious death companions:

Junaid Jamshed decided to follow the path of Islam and pleasing Allah along with his good companions having the similar vision. He became the ambassador of Islamand one of the global Islamic scholars. Even after his death, his companionsare striving for reaching the messages of Islam to the people at the globe, doprayers for their friend and remember him. Some of the global Islamic scholars like Dr. Bilal Phillips, Yasir Qadhi, Mufti Menk, and Noma Ali Khan have spoken for him with love, respect and forwarded so many prayers for him. This ought tobe real purpose of life of every person to make good deeds enough, that allpeople remember him in good words even after the death.

4. A trendsetter businessperson:

Being close to Islam does not mean to be isolated because Islam does not allow us to follow monasticism. Junaid Jamshed was the example of a person, who makes his best practices as an Islamic scholar and become the trend setter in the textile, travelling and food industry.

5. Information and interest of Islam:

Program like Alif Lam Meem, that was hosted by Junaid Jamshed is the good source of creating interests and providing information regarding Islam in popular media channels. The way he conducted the programs, his appearance on media shows that shows the sensibility, and the way he speaks about Islam depicts deep respect about Islam. That should be an inspiration for the current anchors to follow Junaid Jamshed as the best scholar.

6. J. brand

He was also a consumerist Pakistan along with the religious scholar and started his brand J. brand in 2002.  He ventured new products by expanding fragrances, cosmetics and food products. This company was demanded for producing shariah submissive designer garments, that it completed in a successful manner. It was the first brand, that offered ready to wear dresses to men and got the highest success. Now J. has established as a great empire in all the cities of Pakistan.

7. A true emblem of perseverance:

He was the true symbol of persistence during the face of trials. He was a true patriotic and went on for becoming the shadow of Islamic republic of Pakistan.

8. Facing Accusation:

He had to face accusation of stating something that was criticized by the religious scholars and some extremists went to the amount for attacking him at an airport. But, he never saw any discord among his various characteristics.

9. The best in Allah’s obedience:

After leaving his worldly lifestyle, he struggled to do acts for pleasing Allah. He pursued knowledge regarding religion, implemented it and called other to it. He remained determined for on his path till the end of his life and this is something inspirational for people like us.

10. The last part of his life:

During the period of 14 years of Islam as a religious scholar, he spent all time in bringing the messages of Islam in the different corners of the world. Allah commanded for Junaid Jamshed to death during his religious trip in Chitral. We also pray to Allah to make us enable for leading a life of religiousness and make our ends in His compliance.


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