The movie centres the characters Allahyaar, Mehru and chakku all representing a broad range of lessons. Photo credits:

Pakistani moviegoers after the release of the trailer of upcoming animated Pakistani movie “Allahyaar and the Legend of Markhor”  اللھ یار اور مارخور کی کہانیare positively sure about it being a leading edge cinematic experience.

From Mickey Mouse to Felix the cat and up til now, the animated cartoon, as well as movies, have been leaving a profound impact on the minds of not just children but adults as well. These movies possess the power of delivering even the biggest of lessons in easiest ways, leaving the viewer awed. These help the audience step out of the cinemas while carrying a strength of learned messages along.

Pakistani industry plunged OFFICIALLY into the animated world with its lucky and good-selling “3 Bahadur”. All of the films following it have been bringing lessons. However, “Allahyaar and the Legend of Markhor”, set to release on the 2nd of February will be no less significant. It will be full of animated allure as well as copacetic lessons. The trailer of the movie has been released, and audiences (like me) are enthralled. They are anxiously waiting (So am I) fro the spell-binding adventure.

The man behind the movie Azfar Jafri has put all his toil into making this film a thorough blend. Watching the trailer I was so truly mesmerized, it leaves me with no doubt that the cartoon industry of Pakistan is sure to see all the triumph. Time for it to reach the international glory is not far from now.

The Laudable Plot

The main character Allahyaar has a strong relationship with animals. Photo credits:

Directed by Uzair Zaheer Khan, the movie depicts the relationship and the closeness of a boy called Allahyaar with nature and with animals. The film is produced by 3rd World studios and distributed by ARY Films. This impish and foolhardy boy aims to protect the nature and conserve the species.

The beautiful message

The movie aims to bring the issues of environmental conservation and engendered species in the limelight. The population of national animal of Pakistan i.e Markhor is narrowing down at an alarmingly dangerous rate. The decline is owing to reasons such as hunting and poaching etc. The locals do not pay heed to how jeopardous could this be for their own survival. Snow Leopards is also one of the highly Vulnerable species in IUCN’s Red List and is critically engendered in Pakistan.

When the problems have been getting this grave the message this movie is likely to put forward will be making a difference, no matter how minuscule. Mehru is the Markhor of the movie and Chakku is the snow leopard.

For an Environmental conservationist as me, this movie is going to be a 
full-package for all those who keep sensatory attachment with environment. 
WWF (World Wide Fund) is also an official partner of the movie, depicting the 
nature of the lesson it will bring along with it.

The voice over of Allahyaar has been done by Anum Zaidi, that of Mehru by Natasha Humera Ejaz and that of Chakku by Abdul Nabi Jamali. Hareem Farooq, the Parchi star will also be doing the voice over in the movie.

It is Relateable!

The beauty of these movies is that you find them relatable and closer to what you are, where you live. Just as this movie that includes the name of a young Pakistani movie is relatable; and mentions our National animal, relateable again! All those beautiful northern areas we see in the movie and the truck art visuals at some parts of it are just so beautifully close to our reality.

The buildings and the architecture seen in the movie is perfectly themed. All according to the culture of the Northern areas of Pakistan. Photo credits:

While Allahyaar and the Legend of Markhor is not one of the very first animated movies of Pakistan, it will be optimistically proving itself to be limelight entertainer.

Acting as a feast of hilarity, sedateness and dramaturgy at the same time.

All set to bring the best of animation, the movie will be released on February 2nd. The reviewers are predicting that the movie will keep the kids and adults all glued to the screen.


What do you think about the movie? let us know!



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