Captain Steve Smith and Vice-Captain David Warner have been banned from cricket for a year over their ball tampering in a recent match in South Africa. Vaughan suspected that the ball was tempered during Ashes. This whole case looked like pre-planned as there were three members involved in it.
Cameron was the one to carry out the plan of ball tampering and he was banned for 9 months period. He used sandpaper to damage the ball.  For this allegation, Smith and Bancroft are banned from captaining Australia for at least next 2 years. Meanwhile Warner

“Will not be considered for any leadership position in future.”

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All three members of this case have been sent home from Australia tour, and the 4th test match will begin on Friday. After the case South Africa won the match by 322 runs, ICC banned Smith for one match and he was fined for his entire match fee. Meanwhile, Bancroft was fined 75% of his match fee and received demerit points.

Bancroft knew about the plan to alter the condition of the ball and he carried out the plan. He tried to fool the officials and conceal his act of ball tampering. He also made misleading public comments in order to avoid the situation.

Warner was the mastermind behind the scene who developed the plan of ball tampering. He instructed his junior to conceal his actions and to alter the condition of the balls using the sandpaper.  He did not tell it to the officials and tried to mislead them.

On the other hand, Smith knew about the plan and he failed to stop them or tell it to the officials. He also tried to conceal the actions and mislead the officials and made misleading public comments regarding the issue.


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