tectonic plates
Earthquakes are caused by the rubbing and movement of tectonic plates underlying the earth. Photo Credits: people.hofstra.edu

Earthquake is a phenomenon that might be struck any hour of our lives and might end up raising various questions in our minds. A lot of such confusions might end up taking the shape of myths. A great number of which have no concrete base and need to be elucidated.

Two of these basic myths have been discussed:

What Causes Earthquakes?

There exist a variety of assumptions related to what causes earthquakes. Is it the Olympian God of the sea (according to Greek mythology) or the Japanese legend about the Giant catfish? The world is actually placed on the back of a frog, whose movement causes Earthquakes? Is the east African myth right? That says that the quakes occur the moment the cow carrying earth ball shifts it from one horn to the other. Many Muslims are of the opinion that earthquakes occur to people who commit sins.

The Scientific Fact

Science, however, keeps a very different and obviously distinct reason for what causes earthquakes. It is the rubbing of the tectonic plates that causes them. The places where the tectonic plates meet are called the “Faultlines” that are the greatest quake-prone areas.

Falling during Earthquakes causes Epilepsy?

I told my mother about the rush we had to make from our office building after the Wednesday Earthquake (31st Jan’ 2018) of 6.2 magnitudes occurred. The moment she heard this she exclaimed: “Aray beta! You shouldn’t have run. Running while the tremors are occurring might cause you to lose your balance. This results in Epilepsy or losing of eyesight!” And I was like “Seriously mom??? This couldn’t be true!” That is when I decided to dissect the myths surrounding us related to the earthquake and explore the extent to which they are right.

A great number of people believe that falling during earthquakes might give them some disease. However, this is nothing more than a false true. Research has proven that if you are not physically hurt, or haven’t gotten injured then there is no proof that you might end up being epileptic. Also, there is no evidence that people might lose their eyesight or develop some mental disorder. Some people experience post-traumatic anxiety or stress after the event, but that is an entirely different story, it gets better with time.

Epilepsy is purely a brain condition caused by genetics, developmental abnormalities or injury. There is, however, a possibility that if you fail your brain get injured and you might develop epilepsy. But this is very, very unlikely to happen. A serious blow to the head might cause seizures and other symptoms that an epileptic might experience but will not actually cause the condition.

What to do when an Earthquake hits?

earthquake response
Photo Credits: emergency.cdc.gov

If you are indoors, take cover immediately. Move a few steps to a nearby safe place if needed. DROP under heavy solid furniture. COVER your head and stay away from falling objects. HOLD ON to objects that you are under. If you outdoors stay wherever you are. Keep away from exterior walls and cover yourself in order to protect yourself from trampling. If you are driving, pull over your car at some safe place. If you are in a bus keep seated and wait for the bus to stop.

Stay Safe!


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