Being a dessert freak is never about having sweets its about rejoicing them. Photo credits:

Islo (Islamabad) is not what a routine official capital would look like, it is what it is owing to the list-long number of exquisite specialties (not-to-forget the magical desserts) that only and only our very treasured Islamabad keeps. Ranging from the holiday sites as well as restaurants and varied food-outlets. To all those who believe Islambadians are boring as well as “Mommy-Daddy Bachay” then you’re mistaken, fellas! Islambadians have all what it takes to enjoy them being called as the residents of the capital city of Pakistan.

Now that it has been declared as the second most beautiful capital in the world, as deems even more pressing to explore its beauty and share its glamour.

So to all those coming to the itular boring Islamabad to judge keeping those “Islo main aakhir rkha he kya hai?” mentalities. Brace yourselves non-Islamandians because we’re here to saccharise your thoughts, sweeten your speculations and caramelize your intuition.

How? Here’s How!

We’re bringing to you a list of the top 5 best eateries in town where you can entirely wave off your ascerbic opinions. We guarantee you, the moment you pound the pavement you will have brand-new “SWEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeTTTT” vibes coming your way. Go get started, Go get sugary!

1. Tuscany courtyard

Located in F-6/3 Kohsar Market. Provides the following scrumptious desserts:

Bread and Butter Pudding

Image result for bread and butter pudding
Photo credits: macleanfraser

Strawberry Mille Feuille

Related image
Photo credits: goodhousekeeping

Tuscany courtyard is in your reach, try accessing the google map link:

Tuscany Courtyard, Islamabad

2. The Nutella Spot

Hey nutella lovers, the time is not far when you’ll turn into nutella spot lovers too, the reason are these yummy spell-binding desserts:

The Nutella Lava Cake

Image result for nutella lava cake
Did is saw what i saw? This is unstandable. Photo credits: kirbiecravings

Nutella Pizza

Pizza cravers! This is how pizza could be given a whole new form, go taste it, eat and munch! Photo credits: khabarfeed

The famous The Nutella Spot awaits you, the tables are set and so are the chefs, let’s go get them a task, find the spot through this link: The+Nutella+Spot

3. Hot Spot

The Hot Spot serves its name right, or rather you can also call it the the Hot dessert spot:

Squidgy Coffee Cake

Image result for Squidgy Coffee Cake
Now this gives me real coffee cake goals. Photo credits: homesandproperty

The Hot Spot Sundae

Image result for chocolate sundae
This thing melts me heart, all of it. Its irresistible. Photo credits: blessthismessplease

Finding the “Hot spot” is as easy as anything, we provide you the google map link:

Hot Spot Islamabad

4. The Burning Brownie

Here at Burning Brownies, there is some major burning-hot-and-blazing sugary treat that they are ready to be serve, check out!

Baked Cheese Cake

Image result for Baked Cheese Cake
Let’s get cheeeeesyyyy. Photo credits: realfood

Snickers Cake

Related image
the snickery supery crisppyyyy cake. Photo credits:

there you go with all the delicious desserts and the map link to The Burning Brownie:


5. Chaaye Khana

Chaaye khana is not all about coffees and teas, it offers the best of savory delights too, here you see:

Chocolate and Banana Delight

Sounds unique, yea? You got it right, its like no other, an ought-to-try! Photo credits: khabarfeed

Toffee Walnut Crunch

Image result for Toffee Walnut Crunch
could be more deliciously looking? Photo credits:

you want to rush to Chaaye Khana, click this google map link: Chaaye+Khana

so what’s the delay? Islamabis and non-Islamabadis go get into your cars and try not missing any of these places, because Sugary rush is waiting for you, with all its caramel and chocolicious feels. Let’s go!


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