beauiful cat with blue eyes
photo credits: Neatorama

Let me Confess: I miss my Cat, Jenny. Back during university days in 2014, I found Jenny when she was a kitten, strutting around in my street with a collar but without a tag or owner to look for. She was a cute litter white lady with blue eyes.I decided to bring her in, as it was the winter season, it stared to get cold outside.

This was my first pet ever, soon I get attached to her. It was very difficult for me to hide her in my room for long. So, I told my mother about Jenny. I was very afraid about her reaction because she has sever allergy problems. At first, she was furious but after looking into innocent deep blue eyes of Jenny, she allowed me to keep her. This was the happiest moment for me. I took my cat to the vet and get her vaccinated, soon after that she was ready to cuddle.

Jenny was my source of happiness, she was an anti-depressant for me. Her warmth and purr puts new energy in me every time i cuddled her. she cuddled, she meowed, she fetched and she got into all types of benign mischief that had me entertained each and every day for years. It is obvious to imagine that how devastated i was one day in 2017 when my litter cat met a road accident and left me.She is no more with me, but i still cherish my memories with her.

Why a cat is best anti-depressant?

black cat
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Best Listener

yes!!! your cat is the best listener you have in your life. She is always there to listen you, comfort you and make you clam.

Provides Moral Support

Another bad day at work or school? don’t worry your cat will be waiting at your door to give you a meowed look and all of your tensions will vanished away.

Partner in Crime

Are you a night person and needs a partner? Get a cat!! She don’t sleeps at night (mine don’t and keeps me awake as well :P)

Best companion

Feeling lonely? or had a fight with your loved one? Just sit by your cat, cuddle her and see the magic.

Name her your favorite name

Name your cat a name of your choice. Every time you call the name you will cherish it.

photo credits: Kiran Zahra Malik

Please don’t tell my other cat, Moiza, that i have talked about jenny. Deep down, I think I’m a cat person! And if it weren’t for the fact that many of my relatives and friends are allergic to cats, why, I would have a house full of them. Yes, I would be that lady!




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