There are things that bug every other Pakistani, specially on part of the Desi aunties out there. Photo credits:

A lot…..!! You’re in for the night if you want to know everything which is wrong with Pakistani culture and I mean EVERYTHING!!! So here we go!

But wait!

Firstly, let me state that I am a PROUD PAKISTANI MUSLIM and hope to see a prosperous Pakistan in the coming years.

1. The “Log Kya Kahain gay Culture”

This log kya kahain gay (what will people say) has murdered more dreams and aspirations of people more than anything else. Whether you are from a middle or upper class, educated or uneducated, teen or an adult, you are a target of this so-called slogan log kya kahain gay. Oh you want to take musical arts? But what would people think? They will all call us the parents of a “mairasi”. Oh you want to marry someone from another caste? You must have something fishy going on with you that you couldn’t find a man in your own circle.

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2. Stigma of light/ fair skin:

This stigma is something that is deeply engraved in the minds of our people. And it is ruthlessly applied on the female gender. From the very first day of the birth of a girl, her parents and relatives are worried about her skin tone (cause the darker the tone is, the more difficult it is to get “rishtas”). Even the highly educated aunties show their ignorance when it comes to their boys (they want a gori chitti bahu (fair-toned daughter-in-law). Dear aunties first have a look at your special snowflakes who look more like fergers.

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3. Complete disregard for environment and society

As a part of a society we have some responsibilities. But what will happen to the society if its people blame everything they do on the government. You don’t pay the taxes. Why? Cause the government is trash. When it comes to environment, there is litter at every corner. Why? Cause the administration is lame.

Garbage piles up in dumpsters in localities including, Lyari, Keamari, SITE, New Karachi, Landhi, Korangi, and Surjani where DMC has left it uncollected. PHOTO: FILE
Like come on people! Take few more steps and throw it in the container. Photo Credits:

4. Taking a deep interest in other’s affairs

I don’t know if it’s just me or you guys too but I feel an utmost hatred from the core of my heart for this hobby of people. Like when you have nothing better to do people will start interfering in your personal matters. They will never get tired of asking questions like “When are you getting married?” or “Why do you want to choose art as a major?” You’ll be doomed for life. Or something along the lines of “You don’t want children?” Oh my God you are being ungrateful.

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And the list goes on whether it is social, personal or religious matters. But let’s be hopeful that people become self-aware of their ignorance and apathy and strive to become less judgmental.


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