Pakistan is famous for its hospitality and welcoming citizens. It was never in the wildest dream of anyone that our guests will be the one to disrespect our values. Disrespecting our citizens, officers and on top of that disrespecting our National Flag.

Chinese engineers who are working on CPEC China Pakistan Economic Corridor, attacked policemen while working on construction site of M4 motorway which is from Bahawalpur to Faisalabad. The security squad was present for their security but Chinese Engineer did something unresentful. When they were told that they cannot leave their camp premises without security squad they start attacking.

Chinese engineers humiliating Police

When police didn’t allow them to leave the camp without security they attacked citizens, police officials and even disrespected National flag of Pakistan. One of the engineers named Danny threw the chair at squad in charge. After that one of engineer climbed up on the bonnet of the security official’s car with Pakistan’s flag on the side.

A flag of the country is not just the identification of it but it represents a lot more. No country accept allow others to disrespect their National Flag.

They also abandoned their machinery and stopped working on the project on Wednesday morning. Even attacked police camp, wrote a letter to Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. They claimed that they are performing their duties but police refrained them from doing so and attacked them. Later on they cut the power supply of the police camp within the main construction camp. They also claimed that police officials tried to hit them with his vehicle.

On the other hand police made it clear during the agreement with Chinese Engineers that they cannot allow them to leave their camp without security.


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