Cyber bullying is a form of harassment using the digital communication tools like cell phones, tablets and computers. Its main purpose is to threaten, harass or target a person. 2 out 5 teenagers are becoming victim of cyber bullying every day. but cyber bullying is not just confined to teenagers it also affects  adults.


Cyber bullying can be caused due to anger, which is directed at a particular person or event.

Another reason of cyber bullying can be frustrations in personal/ professional lives, which that person is unable to vent out in any other form. or there can be a desire for revenge in which one person wants to hurt the other.

As Internet or the digital mediums are more accessible and they provide anonymity which encourages bullies and gives them more power over the victims.

A bully can send threatening messages, create a negative image of the victim, create stress by making fun of the victim on social media.


Generally, the victim is bullied repeatedly until he feels terrified, threatened and insecure.

The victims of cyber bullying lose their self-confidence and self-esteem.

They suffer from lack of sleep, depression and anxiety.

The worst effect of cyber bullying is that victim does not feel safe anywhere.

They are more likely to feel loneliness, isolation and they have concerns for their safety.

They develop an antisocial behavior, lack of sleep and fright is visible on the victim’s face.


As it is very difficult to recover from the incidents of cyber bullying so the best thing is to ignore such incidents and bullies. but since bullies use internet it would be a difficult thing to do.

so some other ways to prevent cyber bullying are as follows:


The most effective solution is to educate the internet users how to handle cyber bullying. Educational programs or meeting should be held to raise awareness because awareness can protect a person from being bullied. Parents can also contribute to raise awareness about such issues in their home.


Password-protect your phone and computer so that no one can access your personal stuff and use it in a negative way or to bully you. Do not share your passwords with anyone because no one can be trusted these days.

To learn more about password protection please visit the link given below


Most of the social media applications provide protection features and they also provide you with the facility to block the person who is harassing you. They also provide the facility to report their account.


The only good thing about cyber bullying is that you can save the threatening text messages, pictures, recordings and videos and show them to the authorities. This will help them in investigation and tracking the bully.

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The places to report cyber bullying in such cases are:

1.ISP and mobile service provider.

Inform your ISP and mobile service provider about the case of cyber bullying so that they can block or warn the bully.

2. Social media sites.

Almost every social media application provides the feature of block and reports so If the bully is harassing you through Facebook, you have to report it to Facebook Invigilators.  Generally, Facebook provides a drop-down menu that allows you to report directly.
3.Forums and other websites.

You can contact the webmasters and forum admin so that they can help you in stopping the bullies.

4.School authorities.

As mentioned earlier, there should be policies in schools/colleges to prevent cyber-bullying; schools can use those policies to warn or counsel the bully.

Here are some organizations where you can seek help:


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