Some Worst foods for your skin

Skin is the part of body which actually represents the whole body. The external look of body describes your internal conditions. Usually people guess age, health, physical strength by the outlook of skin. So, Skin is not only important for women and men in context of beauty but also in the term of health and fitness assurance.

Your diet is directly associated with health. All body parts get their required components from food which you eat. If you eat unhealthy foods or foods with less nutrition than requirement of body, then your body will be effects. Skin is most important in this matter, as it only affected itself but also it is affected by the problems in other parts.

Usually we don’t take much care of our diet, especially Asian people. Common foods in Asian sides affect the skin the most. Here we have some foods picked up for you which are worst for your skin.


Milk is usually considered as one of the most beneficial product for body. It is true to some extent, as it has great quantity of protein and calcium. It also helps in growth of children and bone strength. At the same time milk contains a lot of growth hormones and growth factors which directly target insulin in blood. It also causes production of oil in body. Skin breakouts and pimples are also due to these factors in milk.

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Candy is the most loved and the least known food of our teenagers.  Though a lot of us know that pimples in teenage are due to candies, in reality it is even more harmful than that. As, they damage the proteins that are responsible for soft, flexible and elastic skin.

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These are commonly referred as health cereals. These are neither natural nor directly collected from source. They followed a complete process of being refined and in that process a lot sugar is added in cereals which latterly result in wrinkles and aging.

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Rice Cakes

A common myth, which is totally wrong, is that rice cakes as best to reduce weight. But, in actual rice cakes have a very low nutrition and increase blood sugar level. The process carried out with rice cakes in our stomach also stop wrinkle fighting proteins to work. In result, Skin may have u-wanted wrinkles.

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Agave- alternate of sugar obtained from agave plants- is also harmful for skin. This is even more harmful then regular sugar and got converted into fats in the body.

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Due to variety and ease in availability, chips are always part of breaks and midnight cravings. A small packet of chips are so harmful that if someone got familiar with it, it’s enough to convince that one to abide by chips. Chips affect DNA. Early aging, fine lines and wrinkles are the blessings of this product.

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Higher intake of margarine results in increased skin wrinkling due to presence of some unwanted fats in margarine.

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Juices and Soda

Sugar is not only thing present in juices and soda which result in skin damage but also absence of fibers. These both collectively cause early ageing, wrinkles and fine lines on skin.

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Fast Food

We all love fast food very much and most of know its side-effects as well. It’s not a good thing to keep on eating such foods whose harms are for sure. All the western foods are more responsible for skin breakouts and acne problems.

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