Food and Dietetics
Food and Dietetics
Through all the limited time that you have on your hustling routine days, we wish to introduce you a food that contains dense amount of nutrients that your body likes to have, also keeping lesser load on your pocket at the same time.

Here goes a list of 5 most loaded yet budget friendly routine food ingredients that are easy to get:

GARLIC:  Garlic can be easily regarded as a food item easily available in our home. it is  an imperative part of our food. It also offers high amount of nutrition to our routine food. Garlic keeps vitamin C, B1, B6, minerals such as calcium, manganese and selenium etc and an important component called Allicin. Helps lower blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels, and fights cancer.

“Not-to-Forget: Garlic is excessively bioactive due to its disease fighting capabilities, thus must make it to your routine food chart”

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POTATOES: Potatoes are uniquely precious for keeping a tiny amount of almost everything that we require. People in the past also lived on an all-potato-diet their entire lives. Potato makes it to the top of the “sateirity value” chart. It contains high amounts of potassium, magnesium and iron. A plenty of vitamin B and C is found in potatoes. Boiled and then cooled potato comprises of a high value of resistant starch.

“Not-to-Forget: Potato alone can fulfill all your nutrition demands.”

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EGG YOLKS: Eggs yolks have unjustly been characterized as having a large amount of cholesterol, however present studies suggest that these are not “bad” cholesterol, hence the perception needs to change. Egg yolks have been underestimated of their nutrition capability, but contain minerals, proteins, multivitamins, compounds like Lutien, Antioxidants etc.

“Not-to-Forget: Eggs carry greater weight over all other foods. Eggs are “nature’s multi-vitamin”. cheap and super easy to make.”

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Beans: Beans are markedly good for your heart.  The large part of the soluble fibers is present in beans. It plays an important role to soak the cholesterol in order to dispose it off before it gets deposited on to the arteries. Beans are propitious to the blood sugar. Additionally, helps to relax arteries leading to lower blood .

“Not-to-Forget: a recent study ranks beans on the top of the antioxidants foods.”

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PEAS: Peas can be regarded as being high in fiber content, bringing benefits in curing constipation and also help prevent stomach cancer. They contain anti-aging as well as anti-oxidant compounds, and also posses anti-inflammatory properties.

“Not-to-Forget: Peas are not just beneficial to humans but also to the environment. They work in coordination with bacteria in the soil to ‘fix’ nitrogen in the soil. reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers.”

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This brings us to the end of the guide on how can you stay healthy and budget conscious. Nutrition does not only represent the intake of food but also the assurance of proper growth. Additionally, it helps in reproduction, health and prevention against disease.

So fellas, Eat nutritious, stay robust and be smart with the cost calculations, happy eating!!


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