Driving Porsche

Most of the people in the world are in obsession of cars, almost everyone loves cars. Whether we are talking about car chases, cop chases, hot pursuits or exotic engines or looks, all of the car lovers get super excited about all the stuff related to cars. Some of the Hollywood movies like The Transporter, Fast and Furious, The Italian job, Rush, Gone in 60 seconds and top gear, We have accumulated affection for the cars. We all remember some of the unblemished car scenes whenever someone talks about cars.

Porsche in Pakistan

All of us wish to have a great racing machine with an ideal looks and go for the maximum velocity to enjoy the ride in style. We all want to cherish that moment but sporadically there are lots of issues that stop you from your dreams. When you see most part of the roads filled with same cars like Corolla and Civic it doesn’t mesmerize you. Meanwhile, there are some of the people who have the luxury to do something thrilling. One of the Karachiite made an incredible run in K-town in his Porsche Carrera S. By looking at this video even you will question yourself either this video is from Pakistan or Hollywood.


Osman Rafique is the cinematographer and producer of this amazing video. He is very passionate about his work. His obsession for the art can been seen in his work. It shows how much talent potential is available in Pakistan. Just a little courage and support from industry and we can be one of the best, given the opportunity. This videos is going viral for some time now and received recognition, his work deserves colossal appreciation and recognition.

If we look at our film industry it’s going down because of the quality of the films. People like Osman Rafique can improve the quality of our film industry if they are provided with a platform. The video shows the area of Kemari and Clifton in such an amazing way that you will watch it again and again.



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