mental health is real

A student from Beaconhouse National University in Lahore recently died. When she was taken to the hospital, she was ostensibly denied to give services for the reason that it was a case of suicide “attempted”. She was transmitted to General Hospital where she surrendered to her injuries after an unsuccessful surgery in a struggle to save her. The death stunned many people. It is an instigation dreadful need to take mental health more seriously.

Mental Health Awareness is necessary!!!

Mahira khan speaks for mental health awareness after a student’s committed suicide in Lahore and many others are arguing for the recent tragedy just like @Osman Khalid Butt @manshapasha.

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In another tweet, she said: “Maybe we can start by reading and understanding what someone suffering had to say before they left. Rest In Peace. RIP Rushaan Farrukh”


Before the suicide attempt, Rushaan Farrukh had written a status, her depression was so real. One of her university mates also told us about her depression and stress that depict in her status that is so real.

Depression grabbed another life, this time it was the beautiful and adorable Rushaan Farrukh. However, it has been just only two months since Anam Tanoli lost the battle against depression and committed suicide and yet another incident….. If you are not having issues, then it doesn’t mean that no one else is Depression is a Real shit……


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