Shattering your privacy to pieces, Facebook scans your conversations. No one like to share their personal messages with anyone else. If Fb is reading our messages and checking our photos which we send to each other. Where is our privacy?

Yes, you have no privacy on Facebook

FB confirms that it scans your conversations which you have on messenger app. According to FB, it is all in order to ensure the community standards of images that people share through messenger. This topic raised to the surface after it drew scrutiny privacy activists. During an interview with Vox’s Klein, Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook described situation where they prevented abuse on their platform, Facebook messenger.

“I remember, one Saturday morning I got a phone call and we detected that people were trying to spread sensational messages through Facebook Messenger to each side of the conflict.” Mark Zuckerberg


It all started from August 2017, when Rohingya Muslims were forced to run from Buddhist dominated Myanmar. It was all because of their ethnic cleansing efforts initiated by Myanmar security forces. Human right experts of United Nations used hate speech on social media specifically Facebook as a way through which people started anti-Rohingya propaganda. Which resulted in bad conditions between two religious groups.


Fb examines the links and photographs we send to each other through Facebook Messenger. It reads all those messages which pass through the automated tools to moderators. They say they are doing this to make sure that submitted conversation follows the rules and regulations of the Fb. According to Facebook CEO they detected some messages related to the condition in Myanmar.

“There is going to be an uprising of Buddhists so make sure that you are furnished and go to this place for your wellbeing.” Mark Zuckerberg

Because of the above messages on Fb, they have decided to scans our messages in order to keep the platform safe and secure. But the question arises where our privacy is?


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