Can you imagine yourself wearing a weighty, bulky costume for an entire day? Have you ever wondered having yourself masked, from heat to foot, in a thick, fat outfit in the scorching heat and melting summer sun? Can you even envision yourself almost caged in a hefty dress for long stretched hours and be “mascots”

Probably Not! Your not being even able to imagine the agony of finding yourself in such a situation. You most likely are wondering, until now, as to what character is this blog about to introduce. You can not guess because that side of the picture barely makes it our imagination, rarely catches our attention! In fact it DOES catches our sight but from an entirely converse angle, entirely opposite side.

We’re talking about the highly loved, mostly enjoyed “Mascots” that almost every child out there is pleased to shake a hand with. We see them standing outside every new outlet been opened, outside every other theme parks, children plays and much more. All those Mickey Mouses and Diegos and Ben-Tens that we see waving hand, making jolly moves. The fact that we’re not able enough to see behind those happy costumes and those colourful attires is that are eyes are not sensitive enough; our hearts not thin-skinned enough!

We only see we’re shown: the cheerful jolly picture of everything. But once you have the perception to think of what an alive; breathing man would feel like when he is to wear those cartoon character outfits day long, even if the weather gets strikingly hot, even if its for a normal person “the hottest day” but for them its their usual day to earn the bread and butter for their children, by entertaining the other children.

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Discussed below are various reasons why these mascots end up being them, why not a better job? Why not an easier job?

They do it for money! 

When an interview session was conducted with these men, the facts we came to know were heart-breaking and shattering. A man called Raja from the adjoining city of Gujjar Khan was standing outside a Mall’s newly opened branch wearing a yellow duck dress, completely covered. When we tried talking to him we could barely hear him so we had to ask him to put off the dress. When he did, what we saw underneath was devastating; the man could hardly talk and millions of those tiny shimmery sweat drops had made their way onto his face; the drops of his turmoil.

When questioned of why was he practicing a job as tough as this, he said: “I do not have another option but being a mscot. I have to feed my family and have to find one way or another so this is what I ended up with. This is luck, i don’t mind dancing cheerfully as long as this noshes my family, No matter how hard the job!”


Looks like unemployment has actually sculpted itself as a major issue that Pakistan had to go through. A large population is prone to it and has been given a major blow. Having no job on hand these men have to go to find jobs where quality is not in the limelight, it is the money that you get; no matter how small of it. Suleman from Hazara is a similar man who had to act mascot so as to support this education while living in a metropolitan i.e. Rawalpindi. He is a diploma availing student who works for a local advertising agency, and to your surprise is paid as less as PKR.4000 per month. But he still has to stick to the job because: How not?!


A large number of Pakistanis are inclined towards the idea of filling up the cities and urbanize. They are overwhelmingly mesmerized by the gains that cities can earn them. However as they actually leave all their rural setups behind and see what its like to become a city’s resident, there’s no doubt that they might go startled. Out of them a great many turn up to earning means they had never thought off ever before. When they indulge in these unexpected jobs,that is when they understand how hard “bringing home bacon is”. One of the jobs is getting into a mascots work. Which in itself is not an easy task to handle!

When talked to a mascot wearing a frog look, he said: “The moment I left my native village with my 4 children, my wife, and an elderly mother for Rawalpindi. I had no idea life would show itself to be this hard. Life in villages is no easy.!”


There is this specific amount of people belonging to lower middle class residing in the twin cities, as well as other cities of Pakistan, who work government jobs at day-times and become mascots at the other half of the day, to help the ends meet. Javaid a wooden legged tall-man told us: “I scantily get 5 hours of sleep and hardly 2 hours of passing time with my family. Doing two jobs and then getting what you want to earn is still not easy. I do it because kya karen bachon ka pait bhi to paalna hai (I have to feed my children, I am responsible for this)”

Being Clippers mascot was a losing effort 30 years ago
The men behind those happy mascot suites are not necessarily happy, we need to feel their pain. Photo credits: latimes

Turns out things in the real arena of world are not as easy as they seem. Life could get real bitter at times bringing you what you would not even think of in your scariest nightmares. Same is with these mascots who have to carry this apparently happy-looking yet toilsome job because they HAVE TO! because life is not smooth for them, nor it is easy handling it!

But what can we do? What we can and must is to at least show subtlety and  compassion to them. Passing a Rs. 50 note might be tiny deal for you but might be a real big reward for them. They deserve you care, they don’t ask for it; but the do! The certainly DO!

May life be good and docile to all of us. Amen.


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