Google List of Top 10 most Searched People

Google has unveiled the list of top 10 most searched people by nation in the year 2018. It provides the snap chat of inclinations, people and activities to release the interests of nation during the year. Here is the list of some of the people that has been mostly searched in this year on Google.

Meesha Shafi

Meeshashafi is a Pakistani model, actress and singer. She was one of the top searched woman on google. She accused ali Zafar of sexual harassment during the arouse of “Me Too feminist” program in April 2018.

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Reham Khan

A famous author, journalist and the former wife of prime minister Imran Khan, Reham Khan is one of the most googled people in this year. She got married to Imran Khan in 2015. But this marriage lasted for only ten months. On 12th of July, she presented the provocative and scandal filled book “Reham Khan”.  In this book, she tried to assassinate the character and reputation of Imran Khan right before the elections of 2018.  

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Atif Mian

Atif mian is Pakistan-American economist and the. He served at the john H, LaPorte, Jr. class of 1967 professor of economics, public policy and finance at Princeton University. He was appointed as 18-member advisory council by the efforts of Imran Khan to drive the country out of economic crisis. After his appointment, the religious and political parties opposed it.  He said in the twitter that he has resigned for the sake of the stability of PTI government.

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Hanif Abbasi

Hanif Abbasi is the former lawmaker of the Pakistan Muslim league Nawaz (PMLN). On 21stof July, he was convicted and sentenced to life in jail in narcotics smuggling case by anti-narcotics court. He was also disqualified for the rest of life from running the public office.

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Bushra Manika

Bushramanika, the wife of prime minister Imran Khan is the most searched person on google in the year, 2018. She is religious healer from Pakpattan and got married with the prime minister on 18th February 2018 in the simplest way. She always supports her husband to fulfil the dream of “Naya Pakistan”.   

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Iqra Aziz

A Pakistani television actress and model, Iqra Aziz, is the most famous actress who played role in different dramas like Muqaddas, Suno Chanda and RanjhaRanjha Kardi, Choti Si Zindagi. According to google she is ninth top searchedperson on google in this year.

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Sonali Bendre

SonaliBendre is a film actress, television personality and an author. She has beendiagnosed with high grade cancer in July. Her treatment is undergoing in NewYork. Her family member and friends reassembled around her and pour their wellwishes for her speedy recovery.

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Sunny Leone

SunnyLeon is an actress, model and a formal porn star and currently she is working as an Indian actress in Bollywood industry. According to the trends of Google, she is breaking the records from Pakistan. She has been more popularized as compared to other Bollywood celebrities.

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Michael Sylvester Gardenzio stallone

MichalSylvester Gardenzio stallon is an American actor, screenwriter, producer anddirector. He is well known for his Hollywood action roles such as boxer Rocky Balboain the rocky series and solider john Rambo in the five Rambo films. In thisyear, rumors of his death stories had been all around that was stated as falseafter sometimes.

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