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It’s going to be the end of another year, 2018. In a couple of years, we have witnessed some most famous trends. These hot trends show the dynamics of social, political and economic culture that is being adopted by most of the people of Pakistan. Some of these hot trends of Pakistan have good impacts and some of these are needed to say goodbye in future. Here are some of the Hot trends of Pakistan that have been mostly used in this year.

Airport swag Photo

Fashion industry has been flourished in the past few year and all of us have the amazing styles for every occasion. However, there is a new trend of implementing the fashion knowledge in flight. The celebrities are in the fame but the trend of showing the outfit of the day in airport has been increased tremendously.

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The trend of bridal shower

It is a gift giving party for the bride, that is arranged by female friends of bride. It is the minor level celebration before wedding. The trend of bridal shower has started in 1890s in the united states, but now it has become a common trend in Canada, Pakistan and New Zealand.

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The user generated content of brands

User generated content is just like free advertising and the best way of growing business with less work. Now it has become a latest trend of different brands to advertise their products through social media. Different companies use hashtags and post their brands on social platform.

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Live streaming and videos

The trend of live streaming has been prevalent in all economics, social and political fields to boost engagement and awareness. Promotional videos are being made by the businessmen, political parties and celebrities for popularizing all kind of advertisements.

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Augmented reality

Augmented reality is termed as taking the real things into alternative with the usage of technology. Snap chat face filter and Pokémon go are the examples of this augmented reality.

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The social presence increases in small business

In the past ten years, it was hard for the small businessmen to advertise their products and they used to consider social media as an insignificant source for the business expansion. But now they have realized that different channels of social media such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and linked are a platform for advertisement and supplying their products.

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New off the shoulder fashion in Pakistan

Advancement in trends of fashion is always welcomed, adopted and disliked.  Among these trends, off the shoulder is seen as the most popular fashion. Pakistani nation gets best ideas of the choosing outfits by watching movies. Now a day, western culture is being followed by the society and girls like the off the shoulder dress for looking stylish.

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Street style trends of Pakistan

Now people also want to follow the street style trends, that indicates the frenzy jacket, some skinny tight jeans with long blouse, high heels. Jeans, short top and embellished comfortable shoes and heels are in being the most popular fashion for the short heighted girls. For the traditional wear, the short lawn shirt of different brands with a tight trouser is being used in this year. A patriotic street style wear has also become a famous fashion for celebrities and common days on national days. It consists of the white and green colour shirt and simple white dress.

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