Kachnar / Orchid Park is situated in sector I-8 Islamabad, Pakistan. The park was build 10 years ago and it was part of one of the best and most beautiful parks till 2015. The park was among one of the distinct features of Islamabad because of its nature proximity. It had hundreds of frequent visitors on daily basis. People of all ages ranging from kids to elderly adjacent to the park visit it almost every day.

Orchid Park has 2 tracks for the jogging and cycling, the tracks run through the entire premises of the park. The park also provides a facility for outdoor gymnastics and different areas for some ball games like football, volleyball and cricket. The park attracts the attention of families, adults and even kids who are living nearby the Kachnar Park in I-8 sector. Downside of the park that it has one public toilet which is not in good condition and maintained poorly. The park is filled with Kachnar trees along the cycling and jogging tracks, they provide such an astonishing view and ambiance to the Orchid Park in spring.

Unfortunately, the park had a lot of issues with regarding the cleanliness and maintenance of the park, which resulted in deterioration of the park. People stopped visiting the park because of its condition. There were no proper dustbins and people start dumping the household wastes in the park on different locations. Which resulted in almost complete abandonment of the park. At that time government and other authorities did not pay much attention to its condition which led toward the deterioration of the park.

Volunteer works

Recently a group of people started working on Kachnar Park on volunteer basis. They are the locals of 1-8 Islamabad and they are trying to keep the park clean in order to restore its name and groom it further. They are joining hands every Sunday morning for a walk in the park and cleaning the park in order to attract more people. Currently, they have over 100 locals who are participating continuously and actively in different types of activities in the park. Except for that, there are many other members who support or help the park in any way they can, they currently have more than 3000 people who support their cause.

Societal contribution

Friends of Kachnar Park are the member of the same society like us and they are actively contributing toward the greater good of their society. All of these members are working voluntarily to contribute toward the society and restore the Park. It’s not just for them but it is also the duty of every good citizen to contribute toward their society. They are contributing actively so we should also help them with their cause and participate in this activity as much as we can.

Renovation of Kachnar Park

Friends of Kachnar Park are renovating the park to best of their abilities. Some of the good work of renovation by the friends of Kachnar Park are:

  • New dustbins
  • Painting of bridges
  • Painting the frames
  • Billboards to create awareness
  • Cleaning the park regularly
  • Reusable bags
  • Gathering in conducting events in order to increase the number of people

Keep Islamabad Green

We have all heard the slogan “keep Islamabad clean/green”. As a good citizen, it is our responsibility to keep our city clean and green. A group of people is contributing to this cause to keep their city green by planting different new plants and flowers in Kachnar Park. They are also contributing toward the cleanliness of the park.

Healthy environment

Kachnar Park was in bad condition until recently when “Friends of Kachnar Park” started working to restoring the condition of the park and make it healthy again. They are doing number of activities in order to keep the environment of the park healthy for its people. They are planting trees and plants, cleaning the park, increasing the population of the park, placing dustbins and painting bridges etc… most of these activities are necessity for healthy environments. For example, more trees lead toward clean air for the people. A yoga instructor is also facilitating the people to be healthy through yoga classes in Kachnar Park.


Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation planned the extension of Kachnar Park. The cost of expansion is to be estimated at Rs. 9.52 million. Extension plan includes the extension of jogging track by 3,200 feet. In addition to that there will be installment of benches, dustbins, lighting systems, maintenance of washrooms and modern canopy. They are also going to build an additional footpath. It was the demand of citizens of Islamabad and residents of the area. And final decision was made when the adjacent vacant land was available to purchase. This will result in improvements in green Islamabad.

Lessons for others

Friends of Kachnar Park are doing an amazing work and they are being the role models for others to do something good for the society. They are encouraging others to be the part of this group and try to contribute toward the society and keep your city clean and green. They are giving a lesson to all, those who clean the parks and those who doesn’t. If we cannot help them to clean it then the least we can do is not to throw more garbage in the park and be a good citizen. We all can help them by being part of their cause and try to keep our city clean.


Friends of Kachnar Park are doing an excellent job and we appreciate their efforts. We also want to help them by being part of the cause in one way or another. We are trying to spread their good work through our website and encourage more people to help them or be like them in order to keep our city clean and green. All the people who are participating in this cause are people who care for their cities and love to protect them. All of us should try to help them or at least participate in this activity in order to improve and appreciate their efforts.


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