Dressing modestly is an essential part of Islamic religion. But It  does not mean that modest girls can never look good and attractive. With a little bit of effort and a chic sense of style you can create your very own modest and stylish wardrobe. Every latest trend and clothing item can be transformed to a modest version.

It is a personal choice whether a person wants to wear revealing dresses or more modest ones. because every one has their own sense of style.

but in my opinion it is not necessary to show your skin to appear more attractive. A girl can appear more stylish whilst wearing modest clothes. but in our society girls with modest dressing sense are left to wear same old boring and monotonous dresses. Hence to boost their confidence, we have shortlisted some latest fashion trends that Muslim girls can easily follow and these trends will up their fashion game.


Midi skirts are completely in trend this summer.These skirts work great for covering the lower body. Furthermore they create the illusion of long and slender legs. These skirts are perfect for formal day events and urban looks.


Pastel colors are described as soothing,soft neutral, milky and unsaturated. In summers pastel color clothes are the most worn one. pastel color clothes give soft and soothing look in hot summer days.

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Checks and plaids never go out of fashion. These kind of designs provide versatility to clothing that other trends do not provide.

They can be worn to formal events or they also give us some effortless street looks.

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Great news for hijabi girls. HEAD coverings are having a moment this summer! Head scarves, berets, hats,turban hijab and Fascinator are making their way into mainstream this summer. So get yourself some cool hijab caps or headpieces to add a little quirk to your personality, whilst covering your hair.



Color blocking is tending this year. Colors opposite on color wheel are paired together to make interesting color combinations. Since color blocking is an abstract form of art, it is easy to create the illusions  for accentuating body shapes, make people look taller.

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floral prints are also trending this spring/summer season. Long floral maxi dresses, floral frocks give major summer vibes.

These floral prints give very attractive and elegant look when paired with plain head scarves and pants.


Summer nights are all about sequins and shimmery dresses, shoes and bags. A little bit of bling in bags, shoes or dress will make you look more attractive and girly. so update your wardrobe with some girly twinkle this summer.

Fashion is an amazing part of our society , it helps many people in grooming their personality but it is not something to stress about. There is no obligation on anyone to follow these latest fashion trends. A person must wear those clothes in which they feel most comfortable and happy.


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