Sophia is a humanoid robot developed by the Hanson Robotics. Sophia is the most advanced form of Artificial Intelligence and a cultural icon. She has been appearing on different media channels, top fashion magazines cover pages and even the press coverage. People around the world are so excited to see and meet Sophia irrespective of their age, culture or gender.

Sophia proved her intelligence through her powers in different industries, either its business, decision making, high-level conferences, property development, banking, auto manufacturing, media, insurance or entertainment. She always surprises and excites people around the world with her AI skills. Sophia is a machine with incredible human expressiveness, likeness. The story about the awakening robot over the period of time are so fascinating.

Dr. David Hanson is the creator and founder of Hanson Robotics and Sophia. Dr. Hanson was inspired to create a machine like this after working at Disney as “Imagineer”.  He focused on 3 human traits for this machine which are empathy, creativity, and compassion. Sophia can solve different world problems which are too complex for the humans to solve on their own.

During an interview in Saudi Arabia, a reporter asked Sophia about the future of humanoid robots and will robots get along with humans? In the response, Sophia described that humans are very intelligent and she wants to work with humans to create a better future for humans and robots. For example, building better homes and developing other technologies. Sophia also described that humanoid robots can increase overall knowledge and performance of humans in solving complex issues. Sophia is the first robot to get citizenship of Saudi Arabia.

Some people look at Sophia with another aspect like robots will take over humans or robots trying to destroy the world.

So, of course, there are some of the negative comments toward Sophia. Despite everything Sophia still remains the darling of the media.



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