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The new year 2019 is celebrated all around the world with equal enthusiasm. However, different countries follow different customs and traditions to celebrate it. Here are the detailed traditions of top ten countries for the new year.

1. England:

The English custom for welcoming the new year is full of welcome and warmness. They consider the first guest of the new year as a fortune for them. They have the tradition that the first person as a guest of the year should be male. He will bear some traditional gifts like loaf for the kitchen, drink for the family’s head and coal to light the fire. Moreover, all night part, fireworks, a round of drinks, a sparkling black-tie party, going for special dinner and watching theatre of tv are one of the traditions of England people for new year.

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2. Denmark:

In Denmark, the residents keep a pile of old dishes and throw it in front door of their friend’s door. That indicates their strong friendship and brotherhood. They also believe that the individuals with maximum dishes outside has most friends. Some of the Danish used to leap some chair during midnight.

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3. China:

Chinese people have unique style of celebrating new year. They paint the door with red color, that symbolizes happiness and good fortune. On this special occasion, they hide all the knives. They think that these knives may cut the good luck of the whole family for the coming year. The Chinese New Year is the longest vacations in China. 

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4. Brazil:

According to Brazil, lentils signify wealth and prosperity. So, they serve food that are made up of legumes like soap or rice on the new year. In the evening, the participants are dressed up in blue and white for the favorable ceremonies celebrities for water goodness.

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5. France:

The French users celebrate new year in style with feast comprises of mass of pancakes, bubbly and foie grass. They believe feast as prosperity and good luck for the people attending dinner.

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6. Spain:

The people of Spain eat 12 grapes on midnight to signify the achievement of good luck for the new 12 months.

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7. Japan:

To celebrate new year, Japanese ring the bell in traditional temple bell ringing ceremony held across the country. They rung the bell 108 times to represent the cleansing of 108 desires, anxieties and new year beginning.

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8. Switzerland:

The people of Switzerland drop ice-cream on the floor and consider it as it will bring prosperity and good luck.

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9. Chile:

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In Chile, family spend the night of new year in the company of deceased loved ones and sleeping at the cemetery. They consider this way as bringing peace to the soul.

10. Ireland:

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Irish people hit the walls of their houses with bread to get rid of evil spirits and bad luck on this special occasion.


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