PSL 2019

As a nation, we have seen the darkest times as a nation and still facing these bad times for many years we are deprived from viewing matches in our country. Even our team home series were being played in international countries.

Introduction of Pakistan super league has provided the country the most awaited cricket recipe, that everyone is craving for. PSL changed not only the life of individuals but also changed the shared thought of our society. This tournament has brought massive happiness in the lives of cricket fans. It has made us to look supportively towards the future and have hope for tomorrow that we never had hoped before.

The first season of Pakistan super league was not held in Pakistan, but the final of second season of PSL 2017 was played in Lahore Pakistan due to devastating response of Pakistanis. People came from all around the cities for attending the final of the second edition of PSL.

Like the seasons of 2016 and 2017, numerous matches were played in UAE in 2018. However, the semifinal and final took place in Lahore and Karachi. The international cricket council security team visited the condition of national stadium, Karachi few days back before finals and modernized it till 28th February.

The PSL 2019 will be started from 14th February 2019 in UAE and the last eight matched will be played in Pakistan along with the final. The final match will be played on 17th march in Karachi.

In Dubai and Sharjah, many matches have been played in the empty stadiums. There are numerous reasons behind lack of attraction among spectators for matches. But, as the tournament moved to Pakistan tickets sold out so fast that one’s can’t imagine is the much-needed entertainment of cricket starved nation and all the matches of PSL should be held in Pakistan.


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