PepsiCo and Coca Cola expended the trade in Pakistan
Coca Cola and PepsiCo are legendary and renowned brand planned to expand their business trade with Pakistani Government.

Recently, Tuesday on 27 of November, both of the company Coca Cola and PepsiCo chief executive’s and the bottling partners of coca cola Icecek Turkey, met with Current Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan.

In this, they discussed the plans for the future and the investing amounts as well.

On Wednesday an allegation comes from PM Imran Khan’s office that Coca cola already has been endowed over the $500 million for the past five years ago.

Although, Coca Cola is yet again ready for the further investment around $1.4 billion in upcoming years of Pakistan. However, Pepsi planned to spend about $1.2 billion in the next three to five years.

The delegation with the company’s had confirmed yesterday by the current PM of Pakistan Imran Khan. He told that we discussed matters with the mutual interests and with the understanding, to facilitate the trade plans for future.


During the conference, the best leading strategic planned were discussed with the foreign investors for the country. It will create an innovative job opportunities for the youth and shall endorse the industrial progression. It will lead the Pakistani economical hub.

Despite from that, the Pakistani financed Minister also declared that similarly, Suzuki was also considering the investment around about $450 million into the car production in Pakistan.






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