Pakistan Super League -3

Third edition of Pakistan super league has a new team, Multan Sultans, which is included now after playing first two editions with only five teams. Previously, 5 teams used to play two matches with each of other four teams and top four qualify for the next round and fifth eliminated. In previous both editions Lahore Qalandars remained at the bottom of the table and still same trend is being followed by Lahore Qalandars team. There are some questions that everyone is having in their mind and confusing every supporter about fate of their team. In this article we have tried to answer all queries regarding positions on the points table.  This article will help you assessing what’s done in the previous matches and remaining matches will further clarify the if-and-but scenarios described below.

A look at the points table:
Teams Mat Won Lost N/R Points Net RR
Quetta Gladiators 8 5 3 0 10 0.587
Islamabad United 7 5 2 0 10 0.244
Karachi Kings 7 4 2 1 9 0.217
Multan Sultans 9 4 4 1 9 -0.004
Peshawar Zalmi 8 3 5 0 6 0.166
Lahore Qalandars 7 1 6 0 2 -1.278


Quetta Gladiators already qualified for next round?

Due to Its highest run-rate it is first on points table and has points equal to Islamabad United.  Quetta Gladiators have 10 points already and yet two matches are left to be played. Peshawar  Zalmi can have maximum 10 points even if wins its last two matches, still due to run-rate difference it won’t be able to cross Quetta Gladiators, so Quetta will be in top four in any possible scenarios

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How Islamabad United is in danger zone?

With 7 matches played, Islamabad United has already earned 10 points. Still Islamabad United has 3 group-matches to play. In case Islamabad United loses its all 3 matches and Peshawar Zalmi won its 2 matches along with one one win of each of Karachi kings and Multan Sultans. Islamabad United will reach at fifth position and will be disqualified. Though it needs a lot of events to happen altogether but still possibilities are there due to lower run-rate of Islamabad United.

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Are Karachi Kings back in contest?

Karachi kings won its first 3 matches consecutively and shared top position with Multan Sultans in the first days. Karachi Kings also has Shahid Khan Afridi – Pakistan’s most popular and loved cricketer. It all started in 5th match, when Shahid Afridi got injured and couldn’t play the match, Karachi Kings lost 5th match without Afridi and 6th match with Afridi. But recently Karachi Kings secured another two points by defeating Multan Sultans on 10th March. With one point of a match drawn, Karachi kings has 9 points and 3 group matches left to play. One more win of Karachi Kings or one defeat to Peshawar Zalmi will enough for Karachi Kings to qualify.

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Multan Sultans – A journey from top toward bottom of the points table.

Multan Sultans, who is playing its first PSL, gave heroic entry in the league. As soon as heat started increasing in the league, Multan Sultans also started traveling down the table and currently at the fourth position out of six teams.  Multan Sultans have only one group match left to play, if Multan sultans loses its match and Peshawar Zalmi won both its matches then Multan Sultans will be knocked out of PSL-3.

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Can Peshawar Zalmi make it to next level?

Defending Champion Peshawar Zalmi is now at 5th position out of 6 teams, with only above of Lahore Qalandars but has 2 matches to play. Peshawar Zalmi has to win both of its matches and still wait for Islamabad United, Multan Sultans to lose their matches. Otherwise Peshawar Zalmi’s journey in PSL-3 will end in group matches.

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IS there any chance for Lahore Qalandars to play in home ground?

NO, Lahore has left three matches to play but even all 3 wins will not be helping Lahore Qalandars to qualify for next round. Qualifying teams will be having minimum 10 points each, while Lahore Qalandars can have maximum 8 points by winning all of its remaining matches. Due to earlier poor performances of Lahore Qalandars they are again out of the league. NOTHING CHANGED FOR LAHORE QALANDARS AND THEY AGAIN REMAINED FIRST TEAM TO BE KNOCKED OUT.

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