A lot of sweet and cute couples are often our center of attention. Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik is one of those couples and often can be seen on social media and other platforms. Often they show affection toward each other on social media. Once again this sweet couple did something hilarious and won the hearts of their fans.

A twitter user named Daniel Alexander tweeted about Shoaib Malik and Shah Afridi during T20 between Pakistan and West indies.

“Shoaib Malik and Shaheen ShahAfridi playing in the same Pakistan XI, Shaheen was born on 6th April 2000 while Shoaib Malik made his international cricket debut on 14th October 1999.” Daniel Alexander

Sania Mirza support her husband

In order to support her husband, Tennis Star Sania Mirza responded to Denial Alexaner Tweet by making a humorous comeback through tweeter. In response to the Denial she responded in a humorous way by tweeting:

“Common… my husband is still a spring chicken”

This tweet has been retweeted more than 700 times and, liked by more than 6700 fans and commented by over 1100 people. This tweet the heart of their fans and spreading like a wildfire on social media.

One of the fans commented on this tweet by saying “Shoaib Malik still looks a lot younger than his real age”

People come to support Sania Mirza

A lot of fans are supporting this Sports Duo with their comments on this tweet. Fans. According to another twitter user “ Shoaib Malik is still fit, energetic and kicking.


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