A private company “ECONOMIA” in Islamabad, Pakistan has thought of a solution to decrease the nation’s import cost by not just building a solar-powered car, running it at Taxi yet additionally offered to assemble Taxi Stands close to the different sectors of the city.

The owner of the company and Pakistani businessman Aslam Azad spent $500,000 to develop a solar-powered car.

It can go around 100 Kms on a single charge.

He claims to reduce the cost of traveling and transportation 10 times.

solar-powered car

Mr. Aslam Azad estimated that the real cost of running a Taxi is the cost of petrol required. If a Taxi keeps running around 300 kms for each day it would require around 30 Litres of oil and peg the cost of Petrol at Rs 107 for every litre the cost of fuel alone would be a Rs 3,210 for a distance of 5 hours.

Then include around Rs 300 for maintenance of the car and after that include 10% of the cost as the benefit of Rs 360 earned in 5 hours. But for running 300 kms, people in general should spend Rs 3,210 + Rs 300 + Rs 360 = Rs 3870 at the rate of Rs 12 for every km.

In any case, the cost would be way less. It would be Rs 300+Rs 360 = Rs 660 for 300 kms and the rate will tumble to simply Rs 2 for each km.

For the time being Mr Aslam Azad’s organization Economia has arranged 30 taxi stands and proposed waiting areas including two stations each at secretariat Kulsoom Plaza, Shaheed Millat, NIC Building, Centaurus, PIMS, 9Th Avenue Junction, Karachi Company, Peshawar Mor, Industrial zone, IJP Junction and Faizabad, while six stands are kept for future arrangements.

They have proposed to volunteer to construct taxi stands at each metro station. Solar-powered cars waiting there would drop travelers from metro bus stations to various sectors of the city.

solar-powered car

There would be 47 taxi stands and waiting areas at places from where the traveler could go to their destination. For this purpose, they requested the Capital Development Authority to provide the power or electricity connections to charge the batteries of solar cabs.

He said his organization would soon create cars with most recent technology incorporating air-conditioner as well.

Azad’s sunlight based car model is currently in the testing stage.

On August 14, 2014,” he said.

It is the world’s first solar car which will be produced on commercial-scale; as we are testing it, we are making it better every day. But we would surely start commercial manufacturing way before inauguration of Metro.

This proposal has been sent to the Ministry of Planning and Development and CDA. After getting the ministry’s approval, CDA would designate land for this project. Azad is ready to take the risk, the ball currently lies in government’s court.

Azad said.

We don’t need anything from government but permission, as we will build all infrastructures ourselves and will earn from passengers.

They are also delivering solar electric carts to Pak Navy for patrolling at different locations in the country.




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