Food and Dietetics Chaperon

Food and Dietetics

Through all the limited time that you have on your hustling routine days, we wish to introduce you a food that contains dense amount of nutrients that your body likes to have, also keeping lesser load on your pocket at the same time. Here goes a list of 5 most loaded yet...

AB de Villiers to play two matches in Pakistan for PSL 2019

ab de villiers

Pakistan super league season 4 is just around the corner and the crazy fans of cricket are waiting to see their favorite players in actions. The management of Pakistan super league has also released the list of star international cricketers from different countries. Here is the list of international players who are participating in PSL, 2019.

Get ready PSL 2019(Pakistan Super League) is coming

PSL 2019

As a nation, we have seen the darkest times as a nation and still facing these bad times for many years we are deprived from viewing matches in our country. Even our team home series were being played in international countries. Introduction of Pakistan super league has provided the country the most awaited cricket recipe, that everyone...

The new year 2019 with unique celebration styles

new year 2018

The new year 2019 is celebrated all around the world with equal enthusiasm. However, different countries follow different customs and traditions to celebrate it. Here are the detailed traditions of top ten countries for the new year. 1. England: The English custom for welcoming the new year is...

Top 10 good news for Pakistan in 2019

Pakistan and 2019

The year 2019 is nearly to come and all of us are looking forward to some good news and events this year. We hope that this good news will alleviate the predictable upcoming things to loathe and dread with the progress of the year. Here is the list of some upcoming good news for Pakistan in the next...

Performance of Pakistan in hockey world cup

hockey world cup

Pakistan, once the world hockey powerhouse, which won the world cup for four times. but in the past two decades, it has been losing his recognition due to the continuous defeat and lowest performance. It is the alarming situation, that Pakistan hockey team, that clinched the world cup back in 1994 at Sydney, has failed to qualify for world cup stage in...

Top 5 best-selling cars of Pakistan in 2018

best selling cars of 2018

The year 2018 started in Pakistan with the news of initiation new models, the arrival of new automobile companies and automobile fabricator in Pakistan. This year was considered as more profitable years in the history of Pakistan due to the enormous increase in the sales of vehicles. Here is the list of...

Hot trends of Pakistan in 2018

hot trends of 2018

It’s going to be the end of another year, 2018. In a couple of years, we have witnessed some most famous trends. These hot trends show the dynamics of social, political and economic culture that is being adopted by most of the people of Pakistan. Some of these hot trends of Pakistan have good impacts and some...

Google List of Top 10 most Searched People

Google List of Top 10 most Searched People

Google has unveiled the list of top 10 most searched people by nation in the year 2018. It provides the snap chat of inclinations, people and activities to release the interests of nation during the year. Here is the list of some of the people that has been mostly searched in this year on Google.