Celebrities are posting their videos with this hashtag. Photo credits: parhlo.com

You might have witnessed a recent trend on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook page etc where celebrities are posting their videos showing a special gesture. They snap and then share a message. The hashtag #DRIVEONPAKISTAN is being used. However, the message they are trying to deliver is being comprehended differently.

Shahid Afridi

He shared his video on Instagram while him sitting in his driving seat. He snapped and gave the following message:

“aao zimaydaar pakistani honay ka suboot dety hen”

Hania Amir

Hania Amir posted her video on Twitter as well as Instagram with the same hashtag, and a similar message:

“Ehsaas aik behtr Pakistan ka”



Sanam Jang and Shan Shahid:

Both of these famous personalities came with this message:


“Let’s snap out of this ignorance”

The message behind #DRIVEONPAKISTAN

There could be made a number of assumptions on what does this hashtag and the term mean. But the message is certainly going to deliver a positive note on how to improve Pakistan.








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