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Pakistanis are good at leaving things behind, moving ahead and not letting them get repeated. But wait? Am I sure about what I say?? Probably not! Because Pakistanis are one massive of a mixed-natured nation. They know how to forget stuff, they also know how to not to! The last year: 2017 was a year full of happenings (Let’s call them Dramas) and popular occurrences that made 2017 another Routinely-special year.
Here go a few things that I (as a Progressing citizen) would wish us to not repeat in the future, at least in 2018. The year in which we would expect things to grow better, brighter and fresher than ever.
Below are the things that kept irritating the people of Pakistan, we wish them to be buried (forever!)

Our Not-in-my-backyard approach towards Environment:

We believe a Problem is not existing unless we ourselves fall a prey to it, same is with the environmental issues. 2017 was experienced as the year that witnessed a huge amount of smog in the city of Lahore, particularly. Let’s just realize that the problem is real. The environmental degradation is happening and time to stop this from happening is now! We cant be as ignorant as we know.

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A Lahori citizen is seen standing while the smog engulfed the entire city, the visibility got lower. Photo credits:

Our ability to social-media-storm every other topic:

Whenever there’s a social news on the screen and there are absolute chances to shatter someone’s identity with it the social media jumps in, IMMEDIATELY! The news starts getting “viral” and there you go with the flare! This is especially highlighted by the so-called “Jazbaati” young Pakistanis. Who do not leave even a single chance to act as the fire-sparker!

Let us bring a break to this and be sensible enough! There are bigger and even important issues waiting for us to pay attention to. No more “Jazbaatiaat”! No more being an “AAG LAGANAY WALI MOHALLY KI AURAT”. 

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Doing the worst possible “crimes” and then complain about being Judged; “log kya kahain gay?” needs to be clarified:

A lot of you might stand in the queue disagreeing me, but I am sorry, this is what I’ve strongly felt! When you be complainant for your people uttering the “log kya kahain gay?” statement you should also be ready to face people! We are human beings, we are social creatures. The society for sure leaves a print onto our lives, so do we on it. This is is because when we live amongst people, do things in their “Presence”; we might also be questioned for our deeds. We must avoid things that are widely socially unacceptable and “while in Rome do as the Roman’s do”. camouflage with the society, be appropriate in your conduct! And yea, for the right things you do, do them head on! Now is when you shouldn’t care about “log kya kahain gay?”

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No one else but you are responsible for your own actions. Not even the society. Photo credits:

Bold Pakistani Dramas and movie scenes:

There’s this a whole plenty of us who believe in liberty and open-mindedness and what not. However, mates, there’s a very, very thin streak between being Open minded and being overly-opened minded. Our blooming movie industry is doing great BUT somebody for heaven’s sake tells them that the success of a movie does not depend on the number of bold moves you add in it! It certainly doesn’t.

Especially is this true for the “so-called SHUGHLI” movies (please stop me from taking WRONG NUMBER’s name). Get bold ladies and gentlemen, but before you do learn the meaning of bold and indecent.

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Our habit of doing “Ehtijaaj” by setting on fire all that we could, Particularly the poor tires:

Pakistan is flooded with problems: I agree! We need to stand up for their right: Agree! People need to burn stuff, block roads and go on shutter down “Hartaals”: DISAGREE!

We can not continue this act of harming the assets of our country in the name of Protest. There are numerous safer, peaceful ways to do so. But why is it that we only take pride in and feel good in means that are as destructive as possible.

Stay peaceful people! solve your problems but do not damage your own country! Show some ownership, you owe this land a great deal.

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Let’s hope we bury down these things in 2017 and have a flourishing 2018 ahead, that is free from all these curses. Finger crossed!


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