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Every girl wants to look beautiful as it is the desire she is born with and she cannot hold it back. She always finds herself in search of beauty hacks. There are some beauty hacks that every girl should know so:
I have prepared a list of top 10 beauty hacks for you.

 1. Lipstick As A Cream Blush

Lipstick is the easiest beauty hack and a way to change your look from professional to party look. It uses is one of the most common alternative solutions for makeup. You can use lipstick as an eye shade or a blush as well.  On your cheeks lipstick can double as a long lasting cream blush. To try swiping some lipstick on your eyelids to create a glossy eyeshadow look.

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2. Vaseline as an enhancer of eyelashes

Vaseline is a classical beauty hack that can help your lashes as a good moisturizer for the eye as well as it can be used as a makeup remover from an eye. You can use Vaseline into your eyelashes before applying the mascara; always do this before your first coat. It can help to enhance the lashes looks like a clumpy, flake and longer.

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3. Coconut oil as a makeup remover

Massage with the organic coconut oil into your skin as in a circular motion to remove your makeup with the cotton pad or your fingertips. It can prep or moisturize your skin because of its deterrent effect; it works well as a makeup remover and it is the best beauty hack.

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4. Twist and snip split ends

It is the best way to see your split ends and to prevent from dryness and tangled hair. Check the split ends twist your hair start at the top section of your hair at slowly twisted it as you go down. Once the hair is twisted then you should see the spilled ends of your hair trim it off that are the sticking out of the twisted section.

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5. Always conceal your eye with a triangle shape

As it is clearly shown in the picture, always do the right way it can help to cover up the dark circle. Conceal your under eye using a triangle shape instead of applying it in a curved shape because it conceals your under eye but doesn’t a long lasting application, instantly breakout rather than V-shaped create a lifted appearance and make your eyes perfect with no dark circles and puffiness.

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6.  Wet beauty blender

To apply a foundation always damp or wet your beauty blender to make a foundation flawless and set on your skin. Wet blender is a best beauty hack that always creates a high coverage foundation that will stay long lasting on your skin, help you to apply a better foundation.

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7. Wing eyeliner

For the wing, eyeliner follows your eyelid crease, make a point and then apply eyeliner from your inner corner to the outer corner in a thin line. For the wing create a point where you want to exceed your wing then apply the eyeliner from the point yo to the crease.

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8. Create a soft wave look

Nowadays this beauty hack is so trendy and popular. To create a wavy look you just need a bottle of water and a dryer than on the middle of the bottle cut it down where the dryer provides the heat. Put your hair into the bottle and start the dryer after the one or two minutes you get the wavy look.

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9. Test your foundation on your neck

To find your perfect shade of foundation according to your tone, always apply on it your neck or the jawline. And it gives you an idea of how the foundation will look like and match your skin.

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10. For perfect lipstick use concealer

Leaving your lip edges unlined will make the lipstick exploit into the natural creases of the skin around your mouth. Line the outside of your lips edges through the concealer for a perfect look that will make your lips pop and sharp.

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Stay tuned for more latest updates and we will keep you updated with the latest trends and beauty hacks!


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