Top 10 Important Events of 2018

As, it is the end of the year, 2018 and many important events have come across this year around the globe. Here are the top ten listed important events that were observed in this year or may be continued in the next year.

1. The resignation of the world’s oldest leader, Robert Mugabe:

Robert Mugabe is the oldest leader of the world and he finally resigned for the presidentship of Zimbabwe at the age of 93 years. That indicates the end of his eras of power after the military revolution.

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2. Winter games:

Winter Olympic games started on 9th February in PyeongChang contrary to the setting of tensions with north Korea over its nuclear warhead program and ended on 25th February. These games are the best replacement and considered as the favorite winter sports.

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3. The end of Castro period:

 Raul Castro, 86 years old man, strode down as the president of Cuba on 19th April 2018. He led the country since 2006 after the resignation of his brother, Fidel Castro because of some health issues. federal died on 25thNovember 2016 at the age of 90.

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4. Royal wedding:

Prince Harry, the world’s most suitable spinster and Meghan Markle got married on 19th may, 2018. Sky news have broadcasted all the pre-wedding events of this couple. It was continued for the whole working weak.

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5. Football finals:

FIFA world cup final took place on 15th July 2018 for determining the winners of FIFA world cup, 2018. This event has been challenged by France and Croatia and held in Luzhniki stadium in Moscow, Russia.

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6. Test for trump:

On 6th November 2018, the midterm elections of the United States took place in the middle of Democrat president Donald trump’s period. 35 senate seats out of 100 and 435 seats in the United States house of representatives were contested. The democratic party won the seats of the house of representative and the democrat party extended its mainstream in the senate.

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7. Venezuela votes in crisis:

 The presidential elections will be held in December, that have delayed because of political and economic crisis. However, the data of the elections has not been decided yet.

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8. Climate change as the moment of truth:

Climate change is no more a faraway threat and we need to take it seriously, as it will create the problems for future generations. In December 3, Poland has set out the COP24 environmental conference in Katowice and it is expected to implement the decisions of Paris climate agreement.

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9. Assassination of Jamal Khashoggi:

A Saudi dissident, journalist ofWashington post and the former general manager was assassinated on 2nd October 2018.  He was died after the argumentations inside the Saudi embassy in Istanbul and then disappeared. After some days, the Saudi Arabia confirmed his death. The government officials of several countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Kingdom, France and Germany have the point of view regarding the death of Jamal Khashoggi that it is a murder case. The reason of assimilation of this journalist is still a mystery.

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10. Mars was approached closed the Earth:

Between the days of 27th to30th of July, mars closely approached to the earth. Mars was at the distance of 33.9 million miles from the earth and reached at its highest point.

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