No matter how you find yourself on the fitness journey, but still we all have one thing common is the need to stretch. It’s intractable for us to take one hour for doing yoga on daily basis. But we can spend at least 10 to 15 minutes daily for stretching our body. This maintenance plan will help in relieving from stiffness, painful muscles and stress level.

These are some of the yoga exercises that a person must do in his daily routine.

1. Pelvic Tilts

In this exercise, you are needed to move the hips toward your face without enriching the butt off the floor. Make this exercise slowly and continue it till the movement feels smoothness in body. The problem of low back pain and stiffness can be solved by this yoga.

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2. Standing Side Bend

It is a key standing pose that stretches the backs and obliques and indorses better postures. In this yoga exercise, the body is elongated by compressed spine and tight back and move the directions in different ways. It helps a person to look taller, thinner and make our legs stronger. It also improves the breathing and calms ourselves.

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3. Downward Facing Dog

In this process, we bend our knees and move our butt high and slowly unbend the legs. This yoga process calms our brain, energizes the body, supports the arms and legs and relieves us form menstrual discomfort. It stretches the shoulders, constraints, calves, curves and hands.

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4. Low Lunge

In this yoga exercise, enter the lunge pose with the hands that will support you at both sides of the leading foot, place the back knee down and let the front knee encompass our foot. Also, take the hands above the head and stretch it. This exercise will support back, legs and shoulders and stretches the feet and thighs. It develops the stamina in your thighs, improves the balance, concentration and core awareness.

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5. Chair Pose

It is a standing yoga posture that makes the entire body of us stronger, mainly the thighs. This exercise is an astonishing way to produce heat in the body and build the energy speedily. It activates our body and keeps our mind positive and present. In this exercise, we make a mountain pose, make the feet together in such a way that the big toes touch each other and put both of your arms above your head and perpendicular to the floor. It is also beneficial for toning digestive structures and heart.

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6. Dancer Pose

In this yoga step, we put our weight on the right foot and almost lift off the left foot. Then bend the left knee and hold the left hand on left ankle. While the whole process, it must be assured that the left thumb must be endured away from the body for rotating shoulder and opening the chest.

This yoga step can open the heart space and creates a flow of beautiful energy and crates steadiness in both body and mind.

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7. Wide Leg Forward Fold

In this step, pull the forehead down with the support of arms and bend the elbows towards wall. Then extend the legs to press the hips upward in the direction of the ceiling. Then hold 3 to 8 breaths and for releasing it, reach the arms to the sides and gasp holdup into the five-steered star. It helps to make better our body and helps to face the day with calmness and clarity.

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8. Tree Pose

This pose will provide the sense of grounding, strengthens the legs and backs and balance our body. It repeats the steady stance of a tree. In this yoga pose, place the right foot high up to the left thigh and keep the left leg straight and find your balance. It should be certified that your backbone is straight and take a few deep breaths. Back in the upright position, repeat this step with the left leg.

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9. Triangle Pose

This step stretches the torso and legs, mobilizes the hips and promotes deep breathing. In this yoga process, stand with your feet wide separately and stretch the right foot while putting the legs closer to the torso. Keep the feet pressed on ground and balance the weight equally on both feet. Keep your waist straight and its needed to make sure that the body is curved by the sides and not from upward and backwards and stretch it as much as you can and take deep breaths. Then repeat this process on the other feet.

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10. Boat Pose

This process stiffens the abdominal muscles and make our shoulders and back stronger. it leaves the doctors with a sense of stability. The process of this exercise is to lie down on the floor, make your hands and feet together by your side, take a deep breath and gently lift your chest and feet off the ground. The eyes, feet and toes should be in one line and hold it until you feel some pressure in your naval area during this process. As you breathe out, come back to the ground and relax.

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As long as we cannot deny Yoga benefits but still if you are biggner try to train yourself before doing it. Stay fit!!!



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