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It’s about the end of the year and we have the list of good and the most popular drama still now. All the channels on tv screen try to provide best dramas and entertaining programs to their audience. Day by day, Pakistani dramas are being prevalent all over the world and the Tv industries have made improvements in the entertainment industry because of heart touching stories and strong characters. Here is the list of the top five dramas that have been at the top in tv channels in the year 2018.

1. Dil mom ka diya

This drama is now a day, at the top of the list and got popularity because of full of emotions, love and hatred.  There is lesson for those girls who don’t show gratitude for the blessings of God as a good husband, children. It is a story of a family where an elder brother looks after his siblings and his careless wife. But, her wife rifts with the family members instead of handling her house in a sensible manner and finally gets a divorce from her husband. Neelam Munir, Yasir Nawaz, Hira Salman, Imran Ashraf and many other actors have played role in this drama.

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2. Khaani

It is the story of a week girl who stands against the strong and cruel people after the murder of her brother. The main characters of this drama are Sana Javed and Feroze Khan. It is the drama about romantic and fights against strong obstruction. It was on aired on Geo tv and got immense popularity because of the strong story.

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3. Khasara

It is a story of a flirty husband who got married to a rich girl and runs her business members instead of with her secretary and then with the wife of his best friend, Junaid Khan.  His friend’s wife doesn’t satisfy with his husband’s job and with the necessities that he provides her and wants to live a high standard of life. Finally, Junaid khan’s wife “Sonia Mishal” gets divorce and marries his husband’s flirty friend named as Mikal Zulfiqar, but after some years he also leaves her. It is an interesting drama and based on the current values of man now a day. Mikal Zulfiqar, Sarwat Gilani, Junaid Khan, Hajra Khan and Kiran Ashfaq are the characters of this drama.

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4. Ghar titli ka Par

It was the drama of two best friends who used to be in the same college. One of them is a flirty girl and want to get married to a rich person for improving standard of life. The other friend names as Shafaq was very kind hearted and takes care of every person in her home. The story revolves around Shafaq and her friends, who tries to cheat her by flirting with Kamran, brother of Shafaq’s brother and then with the husband of Shafaq’s. The cast of this drama includes Aiman Khan, Sanam Chaudhry, Shahzad Khan as a leading character.

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5. Khamoshi

It is the drama serial of Hum Tv and it revolves around the two sisters with totally different personalities. Arsala, who was the elder sister was a simple and good girl, andthe younger one named as Naeema, was greedy and miser. The elder sister takesthe responsibility of his family and works in their rich relative’s house of asa maid in 30000 rupees. Her family members are very selfish people, who don’thave any concern with Arsala. Finally, she gets fruits of her patience bymarrying with a well settled and kind-hearted man, Shahram. The main characters of the drama contain Zara Noor Abbas, Iqra Aziz, Affan Waheed and Shahram.

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