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Brain health is the condition of having good fundamental neural procedures for supporting high working mental processes of thoughts. It is necessary to keep our mind boosted so that we can get best of it. The things we eat or drink have an insightful impact on our brain health. Our mind is so full of thoughts and stress that if it’s not taken care then it’s destructive.

The healthy drinks and food can help to avert the harmful effects that can damage our mind. The foods and diets that are helpful for heart health are also good for the sharping of mind. According to the survey of brain health and nutrition 2017, people who have balanced food and nutritious food are reported to have better brain health. This article is about finding the top ten healthy drinks for sharping your mind.

Food have a direct impact on our bodies from mood to energy level and our memory. A common term named as brain fog occurs among the people who experience symptoms of confusion, amnesia, lack of concentration and mental lucidity. People have to go through from these symptoms due to lack of focusing on healthy food and having food that only increases the calories and the body poisons. It has a negative influence on our brain and causes diseases like brain fog.  Hence, it is needed to have nutrient dense foods for helping to flourish the brain. Here are some of the drinks for the sharping mind.

List of top ten drinks to boost your mind 

1.   Tea

Tea as a form of green or black is a great way for increasing the brain’s activity. Green tea consists of catechins, antioxidants, polyphenols that have an extensive range of health benefits and these also beneficial for brain and cognitive health.

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2.   Berry juices

Blueberries are often termed as brain berries and it is considered as a great source of sharping minds. It contains flavonoid that enables our body to cross the brain cells. The juices of blackberries and blueberries can increase the neuronal activity that is associated with the brain and prevent us from early inception of mental decline. It also helps to sharp the cognitive skills and improves learning and memory by boosting the communication between brain cells. Additionally, It is loaded with antioxidants that promote healthy brain function.

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3.   Dark chocolate cocoa

Flavanols contain in the dark chocolate cocoa that is helpful for smoothing the coating of blood ewers and reduces the damaging effects on the brain. Secondly, the risk of stroke and cognitive deficits can be reduced by drinking hot chocolate cocoa. The dark chocolates are full of antioxidants that helps to ease pain and improves the mood (Verma).

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4.   Banana juice

It contains potassium that plays an important part for keeping our brain, heart and nerves system in a good working order. It can be used as a shake or juice for prompt power smoothie.

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5.   Water

Our brain is generally based on water and the slight desiccation can influence on the focusing level of human beings. Therefore, it is necessary to drink plenty of water for the certification of sustaining the power of thinking during the whole day. It is also needed to drink 2 liters of water daily for being hydrated.

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6.   Spinach

Another drink that is considered as brain food is spinach, that comprises of folate and lutein. It prevents us from dementia and increases the function of brain and concentration. It can be blended as a healthy drink by adding melon, Greek yogurt, one tablespoon of water and ice cubes for making an energizing milk shake.

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7.   Beetroot

A brain needs good flow of blood and beetroots helps us to maintain the flow of blood in brain. It is less expensive and can be availed easily by the food stores.

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8.   Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice is antioxidant and it helps to improve the memory and activity of brain. It also helps the human beings to be more concentrated and make better decision making.

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9.   Turmeric and cinnamon tea

It is one of the best source of living an active and healthy life. It improves the brain activity, keeps our mind sharp and focused during the day.

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10. Red bull

Red bull is the source of boosting energy and also helps to improve the mental capacity such as concentration and memory.

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On the basis of our study, it is concluded that different characteristics of our life like thoughts, emotions, movements and memory can be maintained by brain health. Different healthy drinks like green and black tea, turmeric tea, berries juices, dark chocolate, spinach, beetroot, red bull and pomegranate can increase the function of brain, smoothing the layer of blood vessels and reduces the damaging effects on the brain. Hence, it is needed to make a habit of drinking these healthy drinks for living a healthy life and sharpening our minds.



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