Trump has always been ignorant about global warming.
Trump has supposedly shut his eyes over the clearly visible phenomenon of Global Warming. Photo credits:

The entire world is aware of the stand that Trump keeps about the phenomenon of climate change. He assumes the cold weather is a good enough reason to take all that’s happening lightly and be utterly thankful. He is one of the biggest and active Twitter users on the globe, which seems as if he has this smartphone of his in his hands the whole time.

Global Warming is a phenomenon that we the humans created and it’ll be very brave of us to accept and bear the responsibility for our actions. The unexpected and sudden fluctuations in today’s weather are a proof of the fact.

However, Mr. American President apparently does not think the time to care about the climate change has come. Mr. smart believes he is brilliant and brighter than any of the scientists (nerds) out there. They’ve got all they’ve got, but none of them is a PRESIDENT!

Here we have a collection of his few Tweets that prove our point!

Is any single Hurricane itself not a reason to be worried enough?

…..or What the Hell Happened to those denying it?!!

Step out of your place Mr. Trump its right out there!

The Global Warming is certainly coming for you…..!

….GW Works, and it truly does with all its might!!!!

Maybe you have no idea what “bads” the GW might bring along!

….Oh yea, it was created “BY” the Chinese but is sure to affect the entire rest of the world too….You’ll see.

So far much for the Ignorance towards GW too.!

The time will show you and show the OTHER countries too!!


Trumps keeps this weird absurd stance according to which the climate change and all the related theories, have been cooked by the Chinese so as to as to weaken the American economy. Now, this sounds hopelessly eccentric. His ability to avow climate change (at times more than one) as a “Hoax” is unexplicit and preposterous.

Now is the time for Trump to take a load of his responsibility to act sensibly towards the implications that the world is seeing because of anthropogenic activities and disturbance of nature. Photo credits:

His rejection of the Paris climate agreement is an upright evidence of his crudeness towards the climate change. Any common man would wish to ask this question: “Mr. Trump, are you being the president of one of the biggest powers in the world, still think global warming is “Bogus?”. However, obtaining an answer to this question seems like a real big “Political” secret.

He is certainly unwitting of the massively melting Antarctic ice or the recurring floods, or the hurricane; or anything for that matter.

Lord Save America, from the ignorance!




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