Dr. Shahid Masood Bank Account claim
Dr. Shahid Masood has been standing against all media persons and officials who have stood against him. The case will hopefully be solved. Photo credits: newsone.tv

Looks like after a number of storms surrounding a number of other journalists all on their individual turns, now is when Dr. Shahid Masood’s bank account claim has come under the censure by not just the media but the public also.

The News channels that once had him on their platforms, are also surprisingly condemning him as if turning their backs on him. The issue of his bank account claim had caught the spark and as on 29th of January 2018 the Trend of #ShahidMasood was standing at number 5 among the top Twitter trends in Pakistan, and until the day there have been 1,281 tweets in this regard. There have been mixed contentions about the issue. There are those who talked upright in his favor, there are those who stood potently against his stance, and then there are those who kept a neutral standpoint.

Here we will show you different tweets, from different people. The kind of a general posture and sentiment that public and the local media showed towards the issue.


Those who endorsed his claim

Tweet 1

tweet 2

Those who countered his dictum

tweet 3

tweet 4

tweet 5

The Impartial ones 

tweet 6

tweet 7

tweet 8

Finally: the hilarious ones

tweet 9

tweet 10

tweet 11 cartoon

The channels that once were his “Home channels” but are not anymore!

tweet 13 ary news

Those who believed journalists who stood against him were “lifafas”



There has been a major debate on has he said what he said with full responsibility and claim or not. The media sprung immediate response to him. The politics (especially the Punjab Government officials) began uttering poison. He was called for the JIT and the issue has reached the supreme court of Pakistan.

He claimed that the accused killer of Zainab i.e. Imran is not an individual in this dirty game. Zainab from Kasur was kidnapped, brutally raped and killed afterward. Shahid Masood said that the killer is one of many who are part of the child pornography and dark web network spread around the world.

The claims were however not welcomed. He has himself come under attack and is being related to some “Hand” behind his back. Whether he spoke the truth or not will be proven (hopefully). However, the network and the monsters behind such inhumane acts remain where they were. They are being entertained by countries like Pakistan, and are running massive grave businesses.

People believe we need to include Harassment related curricula must be added in academic syllabus and children need to be made aware of the problem. The issue will be forgotten, but a common man like me wished that there ain’t produced another Zainab, there ain’t created another such event! Let’s hope, lets just hope!


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