These days every one has a habit of using their cell phones after putting off the lights. Scrolling through social media has become a global habit. And we are neglecting the bad effects associated with this habit on a daily basis. Even though we know that scrolling through our social media at night screws with our sleep but we still do it anyway.

Today, lets talk about some bad things that are happening in our lives because of this habit.

Ophthalmologists say that extensive use of your cellphone, tablets and laptops can initially cause dry eyes leading to serious strain to your eyes.

Using cell phones, tablets, and laptops at night before bed is also a reason of poor quality sleep.

Doctors also stated that:

Looking at your electronic devices in dark for more than 30 minutes can cause temporary blindness.

Doctors discovered this when two women in the UK reported vision problems, that were happening only at night.

Their case was also published in New England Journal of Medicine .

Medical experts stated that:

These problems are just because they have been using their phones in bed for more than 30 minutes every night.

According to  The New England Journal of Medicine, the bright light from your phone can totally damage your eyesight, at least for a little while, anyway. They’re calling this “transient cell phone ‘blindness.’ ”

Although there is no scientific proof to this but some studies claimed that our electronic gadgets are exposing us to blue light.

These lights are High Energy Visible lights. A high exposure to these lights can mess with certain cells in the eyes.

Recently there was a news circulating that a 40 year old man was diagnosed with eye cancer in HONG KONG  because of his smartphone usage habits.

He initially visited the hospital because of suspicious pink eyes and later found out that he had eye cancer.

After this he mentioned that he had a habit to use his phone in the bed before sleeping. this Because of this his macular eye degraded, impaired his vision and now he is suffering from cancer.

His cancer can not be treated because retina replacement is still a risky and difficult thing to do.

  1. Try and shut down all of your electronic gadgets 30 minutes before sleeping.
  2. Do not use your devices after putting off the lights.
  3. While using your smartphone at night please switch to the eye comfort mode.
  4. please maintain a comfortable working distance from your devices.
  5. if you are suffering from any eye problem, then it is advised to follow the rule of 20s. This rule includes every 20 minutes, stare at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This will bring back your blink rate to normal and also relax the muscles in your eye.



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