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Shahid Afridi is not just a sportsman known for his game, he is an entire phenomenon within himself. Photo credits:

Shahid Afridi is our “Lala”, the global Boom Boom player, the fair-headed boy! He is no less than the apple of the eye of every other Pakistani out there. Not to mention that he is not the sweet-heart of Pakistani girls ONLY but is equally loved, admired and appreciated by boys too.

The moment I started sketching the reasons why he’s the best, I was like “Wow, I can keep writing pages and pages of how amazing a persona he is. How very ideal a figure. He plunged into cricket when he was 16 in 1996 and burgeoned his build up in the field of cricket. Now that more than two decades have passed he has clinched a respectable place in the country.

There are a number of reasons why he is one of the most popular Pakistanis and we share some of them with you:

1. His ever-unanticipated game:

A cricket viewer might not know what the bat that reads Boom Boom is to bring their way. The show that Afridi displays is unknowingly delicious. His ability to keep your eyes bulging off the sockets because of his unpredictable sport. There would be days when he would kill the ball with those amazing sixes going off the field over and over again. There will also be days when he would embrace that “Duck” and leave the scoreboard in awe. The people will witness him coming, stroking reallllllyyyyy high and then you hear the ground roaring: “Chakkkaaaaa….!!!!” and there you go with the opposite of it. A “Zero” on the very first ball and there you see him headed towards the pavilion. Well, that’s the beauty, guys! A Lala is made a Lala by this trademark bombshell performance.

shahid afridi
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2. His Philanthropy:

We keep watching him attending one event after the other in efforts to raise charity for his welfare trust called: “Shahid Afridi Foundation”. You might have witnessed those trademark “Hope Not out” shirts and caps he keeps wearing.These are symbolic of the beauty and sensitivity that lies in his heart. His foundation (SAF) has been aiming to improve the lives of the unprivileged since 2014.

shahid afridi philanthropy
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3. His looks are absolutely LIT!!

Shahid Afridi is one of those people who realize the importance of good looks and physical maintenance. He is what he is owing to those maintained “handsome-boy” looks and his aura. He knows which perfectly suitable jacket he needs to wear for a charity dinner. And knows which suit to go for at a match. This leaves his fans with an urges to (Someday) pop into his wardrobe and see the treasure he keeps.

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4. T.V Commercials:

Now, this is another thing that keeps him in the limelight. From those fascinating hair shampoo ads where he is seen flaunting his silky hair, to those fair-cream ads where he looks perfect than ever. The media agencies love casting him and the viewers more-than-love watching him on-screen.

shahid afridi in TV ad
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5. His humor:

You might have witnessed a number of situations where he is seen deftly dealing with mocking media questions and comments. He is well aware of how to keep his side of the sheet clean. Besides this, he finds happiness in staying away from all the newsmongers and knows how to wave off rumors.

shahid afridi laughing
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6. ….. and his “Pathan” Temper:

All those of us who live in Pakistan are quite aware of what a Pathan’s anger would be like. That sudden reaction a Pathan would give whenever he is pushed to. Our very dear Lala is a Pathan and a very Typical one of them.

“He has this familial Tribal Swag and all that makes him uniquely attractive.”


With this Pathan blood flowing, he couldn’t keep hold of his “Ghussa” quite a lot of times, and the world knows this *Period*

shahid afridi in his area
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7. The Zalmi Craze:

What added up to his charisma, even more, was his addition to the Zalmi team in Pakistan Super League. Even if now he is part of another team but his ability to contribute effectively to whichever group he joins, stays there.

shahid afridi wil darren samy in Peshawar Zalmi
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8. Love for his Daughters:

It is usually thought that Pathans are ignorant towards their daughters. But this is quite the very opposite for Shahid Afridi who has been blessed with four daughters and displays love and affection towards all of them. From taking them to events along to sharing pictures with them is all that makes him an amazing father too.

shahid afridi with his daughter
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…and to end up the writing there could be no better statement than this: “Lala, Aap Great ho!” 

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