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It all starts when you realize you’re soon-to-be a graduate! As excited as it may sound but the joy doesn’t last for long. And before you know it you get hit with the harsh reality of worrying constantly and consistently.

Job hunting can be a tough task if you don’t know how to do it. So the first worry you get hit with is:

1. Where to look?

There are many materials available for your help, naming a few: campus placement, newspaper advertisements, directly contacting companies of your interest through email and the very emerging these days social networking platforms, the majority of the companies use social media for hiring. So now would be a great time for you to start using social media to benefit your job hunt.

2. Preparing a CV

After you have marked the jobs of your interest, the next big hit is preparing a customized CV. What to include and what not to include? always worries us, well good news! CV shouldn’t include all the abilities you possess. It should be custom made according to the skills employers are looking for while the focus remains on your career goals and what you can bring to the company. CV is your marketing tool, spend the time and thinking needed to make a customized CV that can earn you a job.

3. Settling for less than a job of your interest

In the early days, freshers are pumped with willpower and motivation but all too quickly the struggle of job hunting shake things up. There is always either of the two things happening, working for the need of money or working for your dream job. While a lot of people are working on the need and not for their dreams. It’s not always bad news! There is always a good time to stand up and decide on a career path based on your goals and interest. However, people working to get their dream job their journey also starts from the very basic – most of the time a paid internship.

4. Ensuring that tiresome job hunt ends up in a career success

Finally when you have landed yourself an internship, worrying doesn’t stop! There is no way to ensure that tiresome job hunt ends up in a career success. Most of the time freshers accept the internship opportunity in hopes and end up with no opportunity for a full-time job and the dilemma continues. However, this is not the case for all.

All we can do is give our best and keep our fingers crossed!


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