Zenith Irfan “Motorcycle girl” is one of the inspirational girl for others from Pakistan. She is the first motorcyclist of Pakistan to travel solo in different areas of Pakistan. She is following her father’s dream about travelling the world on motorbike. Her father died at the age of 34 and Zenith decided to fulfill the dream of her late father.

The story behind Motorcycle girl

According to Zenith Irfan:

“I did this for my father and I still do it for him. For me, going and riding across Pakistan is a spiritual endeavor.”

She started riding motorbike in 2013 when her younger brother Sultan bought her a motorcycle. She learned it from her brother and started riding initially through her hometown. After that during 2015 she travelled on motorbike a total of 3200 km from Lahore to Khunjerab Pass. She is the first female motorcyclist of Pakistan to travel across Pakistan solo. She travelled to Gilgit Baltistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with a total distance of 20,000 km.

In a country where ambitions of women’s are suppressed and forced to step back, there are also some brave women’s who follow their dreams and break those traditional barriers. Zenith is one of the motivational and inspirational figure for all those women. According to Zenith:

“I have driven through mountains and city but interesting thing is that all the unwanted attention was coming toward me in the city only.”

A country filled with obsession of starring, it is normal that Zenith received proper share of stares also every time she rides. People living in the mountains are used to see a lot of foreigners and open to idea of a girl riding the bike while people living in the city have less exposure so it result in more stares in the city as comparison with the mountains.

According to Zenith her brother and mother are strongest supporters of her riding a bike and travelling across Pakistan. According to Zenith’s mother two things are important for the grooming of the children one is education and second is travelling.
Adnan Sarwar is filming Zenith’s journey in “Motorcycle girl”. Samina Peerzada, Sohai Ali Abro and Ali Kazmi are in leading roles. Releasing date of this movie is 20th April, 2018. This movie depicts the journey of Zenith and show how women in Pakistan face problems while traveling even using public transport. It also played another role in the preparation for the Zenith’s journey on the motorbike.


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